ASPETAR and Qatar Science & Technology Park Demonstrate Technology Platform to promote healthy living

Published July 6th, 2009 - 09:31 GMT

ASPETAR and Qatar Science & Technology Park Demonstrate Technology Platform to promote healthy living

As part of its Healthy Lifestyle initiatives, ASPETAR and the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) demonstrated a new wireless technology platform in the ASPIRE Dome on Wednesday. 

ASPETAR and QSTP have developed a platform that obtains ECG and movement data from a sensor attached to the body, which sends this raw data via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, from where it is sent to a central server via the Vodafone network. 

The purpose of the demonstration was to integrate various existing technologies into one seamless solution to collect movement and physiological data in real time from an individual and send this to a central server.

The project is being conducted in conjunction with QSTP partners, including Qatar University Wireless Innovations Centre (QUWIC), Vodafone, Technogym, Amuser, and Fuego.
This-Qatar based technology consortium is one of a handful in the world attempting to use different wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, WIFI and the GSM network to send large volumes of data to a central server database. 

Building on ASPETAR’s existing studies to assess the markers of chronic metabolic disease, cognitive function and physical fitness, this technology platform has been designed to provide objective measures of the Qatari health situation, the risk factor profile with regards to chronic diseases and a description of lifestyle habits. By 2020, the World Health Organisation predicts 60-70 % of all chronic diseases will be lifestyle related. 

While the driving factor for this project is to find solutions to record physiological and activity data in population studies, this platform could be used in a variety of different situations, from ambulances, hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation, outdoor recreational areas, occupational health and safety, and sports broadcasting. 

QSTP Chairman, Dr Tidu Maini said that ‘As a part of Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar aspires to develop an integrated system for health care, managed according to world-class standards, to improve the health of Qatar’s population. Our partnership with ASPETAR will undertake to develop existing technologies in order to provide important data to Ministry of Health, which will influence national health policies,” he said

“This also translates into meeting the needs of the Qatari population and ensuring good health and longevity to all residents. In the next stage of development we hope to reduce the size of the sensors, improve on bio-capability issues and remove the need for the mobile phone while transmitting on all the available wireless networks .’’

Dr Maini said: “We have realized a next generation telemedicine platform, which goes beyond the classical communication concepts. The ability to share and cooperate over the networks is one of the first examples in the world of Application Roaming: always available, always in contact’

ASPETAR Director General, Dr Mohammed GA Al Maadheed said: ‘We hope this technology platform will significantly contribute to the our healthy lifestyle initiatives by improving the public’s awareness of their health status.  Not only will this technology platform potentially save the Qatari health system a lot of money through awareness and prevention of chronic metabolic diseases, we hope that it can be developed into a profitable product in its own right.”

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