Assad: No real steps by Washington

Published November 1st, 2009 - 08:09 GMT

Syria's president Bashar Assad said on Sunday that the US policy has changed toward Damascus. "We can't presuppose the future in the broad sense …what happened till now is a change in approach and the replacement of dictations with dialogue language which is a good point but it stopped at this limit." Quoted by SANA news agency, the Syrian leader has indicated to the very limited steps achieved on the level of developing bilateral relations, adding that "It is difficult to say that great steps have been made in this regard."

Regarding his country's influence on Hamas' stance over the Palestinian reconciliation, Assad said "Syria supports reconciliation among the Palestinian brothers. However; it doesn't interfere in the decisions of Hamas Movement, and Syria has always tried to achieve reconciliation among the Palestinian parties, but it has not seen any response."  


With respect to peace and the American role in achieving it, he said  "Israel and the current Israeli government don't want peace, and the problem is that there is no Israeli peace partner.Therefore, peace sponsor can't do anything, and we can't blame others if Israel doesn't want peace," asserting that Syria's demand to restore its occupied lands is a right and not conditions.

On his vision of the future of Syrian-American relations, President al-Assad said

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