Attacks on occupation forces in Iraq intensify: At least one US soldier killed southwest Baghdad

Published June 19th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Iraqi attackers fired a rocket propelled grenade at a U.S. military ambulance, killing one U.S. soldier and injuring two others on Thursday, a military spokesman said, according to AP.  


It was the third reported attack on U.S. personnel or their offices in the last 24 hours.  


The ambulance was transporting a wounded U.S. soldier to a medical facility when it was hit on a highway in southwest Baghdad.  


The wounded soldier who was being transported was not the one killed, said Capt. John Morgan, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad. The casualties were members of an Army medical brigade.  


The attack took place at noon Thursday in southwest Baghdad's al-Dora section.  


Also on Thursday, a mortar round hit a US military base overnight in the Iraqi town of Samarra, north of the capital Baghdad, killing one Iraqi and injuring 12, the US military said on Thursday.  


A spokesman said the US civil-military operations center had been hit by an 82mm mortar round. On Wednesday, the mortar round crashed into the Civil Military Operations center, an office that coordinates military and civilian humanitarian aid.  


US soldiers said they contacted local police after hearing three explosions. Police arrived at the scene and found the dead and wounded, the statement said.  


"Soldiers were unable to respond or find the perpetrators," said the statement, from US Central Command, cited by AP. "This is one of numerous incidents recently where Iraqi resistors have attacked coalition forces or Coalition Provisional Authority locations and injured or killed Iraqi citizens," it said.  


The statement added that no American forces were injured in the attack and that the incident was currently under investigation. (

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