Author Youval Harari says there is only one Israel

Published November 26th, 2022 - 08:05 GMT
Yuval Noah Harari
Israeli author, historian and professor Yuval Noah Harari. Photo: AFP

ALBAWABA - Well-known Israeli intellectual and author Youval Noah Harari may speak the stark truth about Israelis when he says they don't want a two-state solution with the Palestinians. What they want is one single state for all!

But hold on a second for this is what some Palestinians want, a single state where Jews, Muslims and Christians live together. However, this is not what Harari is talking about. This Israeli state would be very definitely Jewish, will give some rights to some Arabs and leave the rest of the Arabs - presumably Palestinians - with little or no rights and under occupation although he doesn't say say.  

His comments and views are trending on the social media both in English and different languages. He says this Israeli state would be dominated by three classes with the top being the Jews and adds there are present people in the government who refer to the single Israeli state with people arguing this maybe in reference to the incoming Israeli administration lead by Benjamin Netanyahu and the rightwing extremists.   

However, isn't Harari stating the obvious? Netanyahu or not, hasn't the idea of a two-state solution - Israeli and Palestinian existing side-by-side always been a non-starter and never really existed. Its always been Israel as a single state with an autonomous Palestinian Authority, which for all intense and purposes been controlled and manipulated by the former and which has no interest whatsoever in the peace process that has long been effectively dead thanks to Jewish politicians like Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid.  

Harari's ideas maybe getting attention because of his fame as a well-known author on the world level with few New York Times Bestsellers and the fact he is married to another man Itzik and teaches philosophy and history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  

Since his books are futuristic he says the single Israeli state that would exist - is already existing - would stretch from the Jordan River till the Mediterranean, in another word the present status quo. It would be interesting to hear how the Palestinians in the West Bank or long-besieged Gaza feel about that; More to the point it would interesting to see how the Palestinian Authority, its president Mahmood Abbas, or even Hamas regard such views. 

Another maybe related point and indicator to the murky future of co-existence between Jews and Arabs lies in this video clip that went viral. Indeed it points to deep-seated Israeli racism  when AFP Palestinian reported Laila Odeh was continually hackled with offensive language by Jewish extremists in front of the camera while speaking in Arabic. 

Harari's single state is just too simplistic. 

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