Axolink® : Flat Display Connections

Published September 2nd, 2008 - 03:50 GMT

Axolink® : Flat Display Connections
Shielded flat cables for flat displays with LVDS system

Axon’ Cable has increased its line of flat cable assemblies brand named Axolink® for flat displays. The company offers shielded links terminated with connectors compatible with FI-R or FI-X (JAE) connectors. They are aimed at connecting HD displays with LVDS electrical signalling system from companies such as NEC, Mitsubishi, Sharp, LG Philips, Sanyo, CMO, etc…

Two types of solutions for HD flat displays

Axon’ is one of the only manufacturers to offer LVDS screened flat cables with a pitch of 1.00 mm. They consist of a flat flexible cable with 30 conductors in tin copper or gold plating insulated with polyester tapes. They are terminated with FI-X connectors. This is the ideal solution for monitors and for 26״ and 32״ television screens (HD ready, resolution of 1270x730).

To connect bigger television displays such as 42״, 52״ and 60״ Full HD (resolution of 1900x1080) and 100 Hz screens, Axon’ offers 0.50 mm pitch shielded flat cables with 41 or 51 conductors terminated with connectors compatible with FI-R (JAE) connectors.

A cost effective alternative

The LVDS screened flat cables are a real alternative to twisted pairs and miniature coaxials for a lower cost and better performance. Equipped with appropriate connectors, the cables can work up to 1 Gbit which corresponds to a basic cycle of 130 MHz for a flat display.

The shielding of these cables is carried out with a ground plane grounded on the connector . It reduces crosstalk and assures a constant impedance of 100 Ω for a very stable picture transmission.

Axolink® flat cables can be used for all board to flat panel display interconnects where Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), Flat Panel Display Interface (FPDI-1) is specified. Axon’ already offers non shielded flat cables terminated with DF-9 connectors (Hirose) for 10" panels. The group also manufactures FFC terminated with DF-19 connectors (Hirose) for LVDS application which works at a lower frequency for 10 to 15" flat panels.

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