Ayad Jamal Aldin exposes Iranian threat in Iraq, calls on UN to monitor elections

Published November 29th, 2009 - 11:20 GMT

In an interview with the Khaleej Times, a leading daily newspaper in the UAE, Ahrar leader Ayad Jamal Aldin exposed the threat that Iranian influence poses for both Iraq and the entire Middle East region. He also called on the United Nations to monitor Iraq's election and ensure that the rampant corruption in the country does not endanger the democratic process.

As the only MP who has consistently spoken out against corruption and outside interference in Iraq, Ayad Jamal Aldin and the Ahrar Party will bring change and accountability to the Iraqi government.

Read excerpts below from two articles from the Khaleej Times this week:


Iran's Influence in Iraq a Threat to Region

28 November 2009
DUBAI - The influence of Iran in Iraq is so extensive that it will reshape the region and could be contained only if free and fair elections are held in Iraq, said an Iraqi politician.

Ayad Jamal Aldin, leader of the Ahrar party, told Khaleej Times during a visit to Dubai last week that he believed Iran was substantially involved in the affairs of Iraq's political parties and called upon all parties to declare their source of funding.

"At present, Iran occupies Iraq through its Iraqi agents," Aldin said, adding that this occupation is without tanks or planes or any other military force.

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UN Should Monitor Iraq's Election

28 November 2009

DUBAI - The United Nations must take necessary measures to monitor vote in Iraq to ensure it remains free from corrupt practices, said an outspoken Iraqi corruption opponent.

Ayad Jamal Aldin, leader of Ahrar party, said Iraq's election process was fundamentally flawed because of several factors, mainly the absence of an accurate population census which is the basis for seat allocation, and lack of necessary legislation.

"The last census was carried out in 1977... we cannot hold elections without necessary data," Aldin said..."We cannot talk of clean elections without a proper law governing political parties.

The Ahrar leader said the issue of corruption in Iraq was greater than Afghanistan, where recent elections were marred by vote fraud charges.

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