Baghdad Calls for New \'Realistic\' US Policy on Iraq

Published December 21st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The official press urged the next US administration Thursday to work out a new "realistic" policy to deal with Iraq. 

"It would be stupid for the new American administration to follow the reasoning put forward in the early 90s," said Babel, which is run by President Saddam Hussein's eldest son, Uday. 

"That would show a deep ignorance of the radical changes which have since taken place, particularly with regard to Iraq," the daily said. 

"International public opinion is no longer taken in by the great American lie, and the page has been turned on Kuwait, which George Bush exploited to strike Iraq and deceive the world." 

Babel said the administration of George W. Bush "must handle burning international issues with realism and objectivity, far from illusions and desires." 

The ruling Baath party daily, Ath-Thawra, said President Bill Clinton "leaves his successor a weighty inheritance of failure, which can only worsen in the short term because of George (W.) Bush's ignorance of international politics and his appointment of the war criminal Colin Powell as secretary of state." 

"Clinton failed to solve a single international issue, not because of the scandals he was involved in, but because he had them dealt with by a group of Zionists who did nothing but shout about their Jewishness. 

"We do not want to deliver a hasty judgement on the future of the administration of Bush junior, but it is certain that the wind is blowing against the American dreams," Ath-Thawra said. 

Powell was chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff during the 1991 Gulf War when an international coalition led by Washington ousted Iraqi forces from Kuwait -- BAGHDAD (AFP) 



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