Bahra Cables produces 36,000 tons PVC yearly

Bahra Cables produces 36,000 tons PVC yearly
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Published December 12th, 2010 - 13:58 GMT

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Bahra Cables Company
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Bahra Cables Company,  the latest and among the leading cable factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a member of CPC Group of Companies, started the first phase of establishing a specialized plant for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) the production, a plastic substance commonly used in various fields.  PVC is used widely in cables and electric wires packaging and isolation. The plant is expected to start operations after the completion of construction works and machinery installation in the first quarter of next year.

Engineer Talal Idriss, CEO of Bahra Cables, explains that “the move is to cover the company's consumption of plastic in order to achieve the highest level of quality in providing the best and finest types of cables. “

He stressed that the production of the PVC material will be manufactured within the cable factory in Bahra, pointing out that the unit complex will be built by the company "Buss" of Switzerland, using the latest international technology in the production and control.

The company also planned to take advantage of this productive energy in manufacturing plastic connections necessary to protect cable systems with the use of PVC pipes and joints. All manufactured in accordance to international standards followed in the industry.

He concluded by pointing out that the factory has the capacity to produce more than 36,000 ton per year, which will meet the company’s need to boost its presence in the cable production market.

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