Bahrain to Launch Diabetes Prevention Programs & Clinics

Published January 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Bahraini medical leaders are attempting to tackle the country's diabetes problem head on by launching numerous educational programs on prevention and planning diabetic medical centers that specialized in treating this disease, according to Akhbar Alkhaleej daily. 


Doctors and other leading health officials met yesterday for a symposium on the disease and emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of this disease. 


A 1995 government family health study found that up to 19% of women 50 or over and 14 percent of the men in the same age category were diabetics. The costs of the visits to the medical centers by the diabetic patients in Bahrain amount to BD 1,144,000 per annum. The Deputy Head of the Health Centers Doctors Association, Dr. Tawfeeq Naseeb, revealed that the main causes for diabetic are as follows: changes in the people life-style, use of high-calorie food, use of fat, use of fast meals, heavy weight, lack of movement, life pressure and inheritance factors. (BD1=$2.65). 


Yesterday's symposium, held at the Medicine and Sciences Faculty of the Arab Gulf University, was organized by Bahraini Diabetics Association and the Health Ministry. The Undersecretary of Health, Mr. Abdullrahman Abdullah Bouali, attended.  

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