Ban And Penalty On Smokers To Go Into Effect This Month

Ban And Penalty On Smokers To Go Into Effect This Month
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Published November 4th, 2010 - 08:50 GMT

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Ministers Council

As per the directive #241 issued by the Ministers Council dated 9 – 7 – 1431H corresponding to June 21st 2010 and as per the decree issued by the General Authority for Civil Aviation #98-8 dated July 13th 2010 the prohibition of smoking and the fining of violators will go into immediate effect on the first of Dhul Hijja [November 7, 2010].

The ban includes all airport facilities and will be enforced by law carrying a SR 200 penalty for those smoking within any of the airport locations. The law will include travelers, airport visitors and all personnel.

An awareness campaign highlighting the law enforcement of the smoking ban is expected to go into effect this coming week. Banners and information posters will be displayed throughout the airport terminals with clear warnings of the penalty for violation infringement and calling for people to refrain from smoking. A team of trained security personnel will be responsible for speaking to the violators and issuing the fines. There will be no warnings as of November 7, 2010 and anybody caught smoking will be fined immediately on the spot.

Enforcement of the prohibition regulation that goes into effect in all the Kingdom's airports demonstrates King Abdulaziz International Airport's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in order to continuously enhance the quality of services and the airport's atmosphere, which includes the provision of a smoke free environment as required by the global service standards. 

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