Barrio Fiesta restaurant poised for growth in UAE

Published March 9th, 2010 - 09:28 GMT

ETA STAR Retail, has announced its plans to further expand Barrio Fiesta – the international casual dining restaurant specialising in traditional and fusion Filipino cuisine.

Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director of ETA-STAR Retail said: “Since its opening four months ago, the response to Barrio Fiesta has been extremely encouraging, which has been instrumental in our decision to open more locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this year.”

With its popularity growing, Barrio Fiesta recently introduced its new menu to include more Filipino staple dishes like Kalderetang Kambing (tender mutton stewed with potatoes, herbs and spices, topped with green peas and cheese), Lechon Manok (roast chicken), Tinolang Manok (chicken in clear soup with papaya, lemongrass and ginger), and Ampalaya con Carne (bitter gourd with beef strips), to name a few.

“The restaurant has been especially busy not only with the Filipino community but expatriates as well, " concluded Chugani

To cater to the lunch time customers, a special value lunch menu has been created that consists of rice, soup, and a choice of vegetables or meat dishes. This will cater to customers who are looking for a complete meal at a more affordable price.

Barrio Fiesta also launched its afternoon fare called 'Merienda', which has proved popular among Filipino expat groups for meetings and special gatherings. This typically includes midday snacks such as Arroz Caldo Manok (chicken porridge), Pansit Palabok (rice noodles topped with seafood in shrimp sauce), Champorado at Tuyo (chocolate-flavoured porridge served with dried fish on the side), Palitaw (glutinous rice patty topped with sugar, grated coconut and sesame seeds), and many more traditional Barrio Fiesta Specialities.

Barrio Fiesta is now offering special merienda deals for groups of 10 or more. This is a great opportunity for various business groups, school alumni, clubs and associations to meet up.

Filipino cuisine is a fusion of native flavours mixed with ingredients, recipes and cooking methods from various parts of the world. It is a mixture of Traditional, Spanish, Chinese, and Malay cuisine giving Filipino food a culinary experience unique to South East Asia.

Established in 1952, Barrio Fiesta currently has 50 restaurants in the Philippines and the U.S.A.

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