Batelco Jordan contributes in developing the website for the “Qudarat” Program

Published August 26th, 2007 - 10:53 GMT

Within the framework of its commitment to its social duties and responsibilities to the local community, and in support of the efforts of the Noor al Hussein Foundation, which aims to counter poverty and unemployment to promote all aspects of social development, Batelco Jordan (a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, a pioneering company in the field of IT and telecommunications) has contributed in developing the website for the foundation’s ‘Qudarat’ program,

This initiative grew out of the importance that Batelco Jordan places on the interaction between the private sector and the local community.  The initiative is part of an overall framework to build a future Jordan the way the company and citizens envisage it. It also reflects a national movement to support socially responsible programs and herald a new era where the private sector consolidates its role in supporting socially responsible programs and spreads a socially constructive culture in the field of commercial work, as Mr. Ihab Hannawi, CEO of Batelco Jordan, explains.

Mr. Hannawi added, ‘It is true that the main role of the private sector is to be an engine for national economic growth and the main source of creating job opportunities and improving and developing its services. However, addressing the needs of society as a whole by supporting all forms of initiatives and national programs like ‘Qudarat’ is an inseparable part of the business world’s mission’.

Ms. Hana Mitri Shaheen, CEO of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm about the strategic thinking that Batelco Jordan has shown which demonstrates the commitment and determination of private sector companies to achieve the notion of social responsibility.

Ms. Shaheen said, ‘Batelco Jordan has supported our national program ‘The Qudarat Program’ which is one of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation’s programs that aims to consolidate the corporate abilities of non-governmental national institutions to achieve sustained development which they have employed during the last period along with their professional and continuous work to create a high-quality, user-friendly website for us.’

In addition to contributing in developing the ‘Qudarat’ program’s website, Batelco Jordan will also be managing and updating the program’s web pages and it will be offering technical support and follow up for the website.

It is worth noting that Batelco Jordan is one of the leading companies in the field of website development and the company has won many local and international prizes for its work in this field.  One of the most important prizes the company was awarded was the international prize for ‘Best website under the VIP website personal category’ for designing His Majesty King Abdullah the Second’s website.



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