revolutionises the recruiting process with the region’s first online salary calculator

Published July 25th, 2010 - 09:19 GMT, the region's number one job site, announced today the launch of its innovative Salary Search Engine, the first comprehensive pan-regional online salary calculator in the Middle East North Africa region. The highly innovative Salary Search application allows users to find and anonymously share salary details about specific jobs for specific employers or companies across the region.'s Salary Search helps job-seekers today find their way through a maze of offers and information to pinpoint the jobs that offer the best possible salary at their preferred location and industry. Armed with this knowledge employees can not only seek the best career options for themselves, they can also negotiate better and understand the compensation trajectories to expect within a particular company or industry. Employers can similarly use the Salary Search tool to effectively gauge prevalent salary conditions for particular roles, career levels and sectors making for a more fair, balanced and competitive marketplace.

" has been extremely successful at helping job-seekers find new employment across the Middle East and North Africa. However, a recent poll we conducted showed that 66.4 % of employees in the region were unhappy with their salary, 53% were not sure salary structures in their organisations were transparent and 90% wished they had a source of data to benchmark salaries in the region. The Salary Search tool will be invaluable for both employees and employers. By accessing this fresh and vital salary information, both parties are empowered with a clearer and more balanced understanding of prevalent salary levels in the marketplace as well as compensation trends across industries, roles and sectors," commented Rabea Ataya, CEO,

The Salary Search is a simple and user-friendly tool. The average salary for top job titles is visible for free to all visitors of the site. However, in order to see salary details registered users have to post their salary. All posts are completely anonymous. Salary Search then offers three types of Salary search for registered users.

The Basic Salary Search is free of charge and allows users to browse average salaries for popular jobs and different occupation in the Middle East and other countries.

The Power Salary Search, displays the salary details of all relevant job titles allowing users to search by salary and see the name of the companies offering the desired salaries.

The Premium Salary Search, provides innovate ground-breaking search filtering criteria and other detailed salary data such as breakdowns by companies and industries. With Premium Salary Search users can access more than six filtering criteria to analyze and compare entire pay structures against the market. They can source details regarding company, industry and size as well as candidates' years of experience and nationality. Premium Salary Search equips employees and employers alike to base their planning, negotiation, recruitment and career decisions based on actual real-time data.

In a recent Salary Search poll, from June 4 to July 7, employees in the region were asked if they felt they were paid fairly. The poll gathered answers from all over the Middle East region with overall 16% responding positively, while 17 % said they were unsure and 66% said they were not paid fairly. In the UAE, 12 % said they were happy with their pay, 15% were unsure and 73% were unhappy. Elsewhere in the GCC, in KSA, Kuwait and Qatar, 14%, 12% and 9% respectively said they were paid enough, while 14%, 8% and 16% said they were unsure and 71%, 80% and 75% said they were not paid enough.

The poll also asked if salary structures in organisations were transparent, with the majority 53% answering that they were not sure and 27% answering only somewhat. Only 20% said they were very transparent. When asked if employees knew the salary of their peers, 39% responded yes, 28% responded vaguely and 33% responded no. Employees had even less knowledge on the salaries of peers in other organisations. Only 26% knew peers' pay from other companies, while 31% vaguely knew and 43% did not know at all. However, 88% of those polled said they would like to know their colleagues' salaries, while only 3% were unsure and 9% said they would not want to know.

When asked to what extent salary influenced their decision to stay in their organisation, a majority of 64 % answered that it affected them to some extent although other factors were more important. Only 3% said it did not affect at all, 5% very little while 28%said it affected them 100%. When asked if they were comfortable discussing their salary with others most were unsure. Only 18 % said yes, while 9% answered somewhat, 51 % said it depended with whom and 21% said no. However, when asked if they wished they had a source of data to benchmark salaries in the region, an overwhelming 90% said yes.

"The Salary Search is an online salary calculator that gives users the power not only to locate the best salaries, but also the research clout to negotiate for them. It is the first such tool in the region and I am certain it will prove to be a very popular one. is continuously looking to expand and further innovate on the tools we provide our users in their job search. We know that information is crucial in today's competitive job market and we are determined to equip our users with the latest most relevant, most useful information to help them achieve their career goals," indicated Ataya, 

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