Blast hits Baghdad bridges, at least 10 dead

Published April 12th, 2007 - 06:52 GMT

A big truck bomb killed at least eight people on a bridge in Baghdad on Thursday, destroying parts of the steel structure and sending several cars into the River Tigris below, Iraqi police said. Four or five cars had fallen into the river, police said.


According to Reuters, police said the explosion occurred just before the morning rush hour. A witnesses said two parts of the Sarafiya bridge in northern Baghdad had collapsed into the river. Police put the death toll at between five and eight. They said up to 22 were injured. However, hospital sources claimed at least 10 people were killed and 26 injured. Rescue teams were searching for survivors in the water.


Some Iraqi security officials on the scene said the truck had been parked in the middle of the bridge before it went off. A police official said security forces had been suspicious about the truck and tried to block off roads leading to the bridge before the explosion.


Meanwhile, the U.S. military said Wednesday Iraqi militia fighters are being trained in Iran to build and use deadly armor-piercing roadside bombs and complex attack strategies against American forces.


U.S. military spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell would not say how many militiamen had gone to Iran but said that questioning of fighters captured as recently as this month confirmed many had been in Iranian training camps.


"They do receive training on how to assemble and employ EFPs," Caldwell said, according to the AP.

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