BluePhoenix Rehosting Solution Enables Volvofinans to Reduce TCO of Credit Card System by 40%,

Published October 20th, 2009 - 01:27 GMT

BluePhoenix Solutions (NASDAQ: BPHX), the leader in value-driven legacy
modernization, announces today the successful completion of a rehosting
project at Volvofinans, Sweden, saving the company up to 40% of their credit
card system's total cost of ownership.


    A large number of Volvofinans' core business functions resided in
IDMS-based applications. The company found it difficult to find resources in
Sweden to develop new IDMS functionality, and more importantly, found the
platform to be an impediment to new development.


    By modernizing core, back office applications to Java, Volvofinans will
in the future be able to deliver new application features to customers more
quickly, and respond to changing business requirements more effectively. The
company also reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their credit card
system by up to 40% per year.


    "BluePhoenix offered us an added benefit of cost effectiveness. Though
cost saving was not our primary motivation for migrating our applications, we
are getting an excellent payoff for something we needed to do anyway," said
Johan Nordin, CIO of Volvofinans. "We considered other options-such as
implementing an entirely new system. That option did not work for various
reasons, including time and costs. When we decided to modernize our existing
solution, we checked out various vendors, and decided BluePhoenix to be the
strongest partner. The implementation followed the plans and according to our


    BluePhoenix used automated database migration tools to modernize
Volvofinans' proprietary applications from z/VM/IDMS/ADSO to
Linux/DB2/UDB/Java. The transformation included language, database, user
interface, and platform, resulting in a completely modernized environment.


    "The completion of another modernization project for a prestigious
customer such as Volvofinans is always an honor," said Yaron Tchwella, CEO,
BluePhoenix Solutions. "Volvofinans has gained an enhanced development
environment that provides more flexibility and application development speed,
with reduced maintenance costs. The company's dependence on aging
technologies and a diminishing skills set has been eliminated."


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