BMW 7 Series offers innovative technology to improve safety on the road

Published December 15th, 2009 - 10:26 GMT

The BMW 7 Series, BMW’s flagship model and major contributor to the brand’s Middle East growth, continues to remain at the forefront of the luxury segment by offering the latest in automotive innovation and technology development.

The fifth generation model, launched in the Middle East earlier this year, offers a host of driver assistance technologies including innovative safety features, such as Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning systems.

The Lane Departure Warning system alerts the driver before the vehicle drifts over the marked edge of the lane.  Using a camera integrated in the rear-view mirror, the system recognises if the vehicle is threatening to stray outside the lane and the driver is alerted by a vibration of the steering wheel. 

Lane Change Warning system helps the driver avoid collisions when overtaking and changing lanes.   Radar sensors at the rear of the car monitor the traffic behind, and trigger the appearance of a dark symbol on the wing mirror whenever any vehicle moves into a potentially dangerous position.  This symbol begins to flash and the steering wheel vibrates as a warning to the driver.

Commenting on these safety features, Phil Horton, Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East said: “Both these advanced driver assistance technologies demonstrate BMW’s commitment to road safety and innovation by reducing the potential risk of accidents by providing the driver with greater information on surrounding road users through industry-leading assistance technologies.”

The new BMW 7 Series represents some of the most significant technology developments in the automotive industry. Combined, these features not only contribute to a more dynamic driving experience, but also increased safety for the driver and other road users.

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