Body Parts of Yemen Killer’s 'Victims' Sent to Germany

Published June 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Dozens of bodies and body parts found in a university mortuary in Yemen are being sent to Germany for DNA testing, to see if they belong to victims of the suspected serial killer Mohammad Adam Omar, reported  

A court in Yemen heard that German forensic experts who searched the mortuary found 21 complete bodies, two sets of mutilated remains and dozens of parts.  

Omar earlier confessed to raping and murdering 16 women at Sanaa University, and said he had also killed more than a dozen women in Sudan, Kuwait and Chad.  

He later retracted his statement and said he had killed only two women.  

The German experts called in to examine the mortuary - where Omar worked - have been able to confirm that at least two of the women whose remains were found had been murdered, according to the report.  

The women, one from Yemen and one from Iraq, are the two victims whom Omar admits killing.  

But the German experts also believe not all the bodies they found in the mortuary were listed in records.  

They were quoted as saying some had been used to train medical students at the university, but at least eight bodies remain unidentified and their presence in the mortuary is still unexplained.  

The German report to the court also said the numerous parts they found "could come from many different bodies".  

Many of the bodies were found buried in the campus grounds, or hidden inside the sewage system in the medical department, BBC said.  

Presiding judge Yahya al-Aslami ordered that all the bodies and organs should be sent to Germany for DNA testing.  

The court will reconvene on 4 July to hear reports from Yemeni officials.  

Omar, 52, was arrested in May on suspicion of the 16 murders, but there has been confusion over some of the women's fate.  

One reported victim even appeared in court to prove that she was alive and well –  


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