The Body Shop joins hands with the Emirates Environmental Group to Plant trees

Published October 25th, 2010 - 08:20 GMT

Under the aegis of UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign, Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) planted indigenous 15 trees sponsored by The Body Shop at Sultan Al Owais School for basic education, Dubai.

The Planting Ceremony started with a welcome speech from the principle of the school Ms. Shiekha Al Mazem, followed by a speech from Ms. Habiba Al Marashi, EEG's chairperson and a word on the event from The Body Shop Public Relations Manager Ms. Hend Barakat.

Teachers, The Body Shop employees, EEG staff and the enthusiastic students, fielded shovels and dug pits to plant the trees inside the school campus. The students were the ones that took the lead and got down on their knees to plant the trees.

EEG Chairperson, Mrs. Al Marashi, said "The One Million Tree Campaign for EEG aims to complement the urban environment and also combat the spin – off from human activities. Planting indigenous trees will not only help offset the carbon count of our daily lives, but also provide a cleaner, greener future for our next generation. EEG is thankful to organisations such as The Body Shop for lending a helping hand to EEG's Programmes."

The UAE has witnessed an upsurge of growth and development in the past few decades where the desert habitat has undergone a sea of change. While the city line has witnessed the tallest and the most breathtaking buildings, this rapid development has left a dearth of green spaces. Thus the planting and nurturing of trees is necessary to strike a balance in the environment.

EEG is accredited to United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) governing Council. Tree planting is a part of EEG's commitment to the UNEP's Billion Tree programme, wherein EEG had pledged one million indigenous trees to be planted in UAE in the year 2007. EEG surpassed its target and succeeded in facilitating planting more than 1.640.022 million indigenous trees by 2010.

The One Million Tree Campaign is continuing in the year 2010, as an ongoing commitment to UNEP and the New Year has already brought together numerous corporate organisations and schools to plant trees for the latter that are committed to the cause of environmental protection and preservation. 

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