Bomb attacks in Baghdad, Fallujah injure six U.S. soldiers as protestors in Khaldiyah demand release of arrested women

Published October 22nd, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Iraq's ambush bombers struck Wednesday in the center of Baghdad and in the Sunni Muslim area west of the capital, rocking U.S. Army convoys with roadside bombs.  


The attack in Baghdad inflicted only light casualties, according to a U.S. officer.  


Four U.S. soldiers were injured in a bomb attack in the Iraqi city of Fallujah Wednesday morning, according to witnesses. 


Five armored-vehicles were crossing the town 50 kilometers west of the capital Baghdad when a bomb exploded, destroying one vehicle and throwing it 20 meters, according to witnesses, cited by AFP.  


"The four soldiers were taken out of the vehicle and immediately evacuated," one witness said. For its part, the U.S. military had no immediate confirmation.  


Elsewhere, in the southern city of Najaf, fighters staged a midnight attack on the headquarters of a leading Shiite Muslim political organization, but no casualties were reported in the firefight, said a spokesman for the group, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI).  


The spokesman said four of six attackers were captured and admitted they were loyalists of the Baath Party of ousted leader Saddam Hussein.  


The homemade bomb in Baghdad exploded as a three-Humvee convoy passed through a road tunnel under Tayeran Square, already teeming with Iraqis at 6:45 a.m. The explosion lightly wounded two 1st Armored Division soldiers and damaged a Humvee, the division's Capt. Tommy Leslie said, according to AP.  


A U.S. Army Humvee could be seen burning on the western edge of the city, where one American paratrooper was killed and six were wounded in an ambush earlier this week.  


In the meantime, in Khaldiyah, just west of Fallujah, hundreds of Iraqis protested Wednesday to demand the release of two women arrested in raids this week.  


Demonstrators said U.S. troops raided the home of a former Iraqi army officer but when they failed to find him, they arrested his wife and mother. There was no comment from U.S. officials. (

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