Car bomb kills five in Lebanon's Hermel

Published February 1st, 2014 - 05:42 GMT


A suicide car bomb attack in the northeastern city of Hermel Saturday killed at least four people, including the bomber, and wounded 21 others, security sources said, just weeks after a similar deadly attack in the pro-Hezbollah region.

The suicide bomber drove his vehicle – a Grand Cherokee Jeep – up to a petrol station in the Zahraa area of the city where he then proceeded to detonate it, the sources told The Daily Star.

The Aytam petrol station was engulfed in flames.

Lebanon has increasingly been drawn into the war in neighboring Syria where rebel groups are seeking to topple President Bashar Assad who has the military support of Hezbollah.

The attack in Hermel is the second in just over two weeks. On Jan. 16, a suspected suicide car bombing killed five people and 42 others.

Areas of the country where Hezbollah enjoys wide support, particularly Beirut’s southern suburbs, have also seen almost weekly car bombings in recent months.

The attacks have been claimed by Al-Qaeda-linked groups which have vowed similar acts until Hezbollah withdraws its fighters from neighboring Syria.

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