Book Investigates British General Career in Jordan

Published July 5th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A newly published book sheds light on the role played by a British general in the political life in Jordan during the British mandate era, and in the Middle East for about three decades starting 1930. 

Titled, “A British Actor on the Bedouin Stage,” the book “is an attempt to investigate the role and activities of John Bagot Glubb in the Middle East in general and in Jordan in particular, especially his involvement in connection with the British government’s interests in the region,” according to its author, Hatem Sarairah. 

According to Sarairah, who published the book in English, although Glubb’s services were made available in 1930, his role was under focus after Jordan won its independence in 1946. The general remained as the commander of Jordan’s army, or the Arab Legion. 

In the abstract, the researcher says that there was a question of conflict of interests as to the position held by the general, who was discharged, together with a number of other British officers by the late King Hussein in 1956. 

The study concludes, “Glubb had served his government’s interests in the area with unquestionable devotion,” –  

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