BP celebrates 25 years of success in Sharjah

Published November 22nd, 2007 - 07:51 GMT

BP, a global leader in oil and gas industry, recently celebrated 25 years of successful operations in the Emirate of Sharjah.  The event was a major milestone in BP’s journey during which time it registered significant achievements and built its long standing relationship with the Government and people of Sharjah.

BP’s relationship with Sharjah was established in 1978, when it signed a concession agreement for the exploration and production of oil and gas with the Government of Sharjah. Throughout the years, and after the discovery of gas and condensed gas in 1980, BP established the first processing plant for oil and gas in Sajaa in Sharjah.  BP expanded its business over the following years with the discovery of the Moveyied field (1981) and the Kahaif field (1992). In 1986, BP exported its first LPG shipment from Hamriya port.

Today, BP Sharjah is one of the largest producers and sellers of natural gas, condensed gas and LPG in the private sector in UAE, which constitutes an integral part of BP’s presence in the Middle East.  It operates three gas fields: Sajaa, Moveyied and Kahaif, a gas processing plant, gas compression facility and two liquid export terminals for condensate and LPG. The natural gas is distributed through a pipeline network for the generation of electricity in Sharjah and northern Emirates.

AbdulKarim Al Mazmi, BP President, Middle East said, “We are looking forward to the future, and continue to seek to reinforce the relations between BP and Sharjah, and continue in our partnership with the Government to develop the energy sector.

“In this regard, we are working on reinforcing our initiative to employ UAE nationals, which is considered as one of the most successful initiatives in the region. In addition, with the growth of our volume and activities, BP is committed to using innovative technologies in order to achieve optimal efficiency, guarantee safety for its labour force and keep the environment sound. The 25 year celebrations are a platform to reiterate our commitment to these basic values and to project BP’s vision of a stable future in the Emirates.”

‘’Over the years BP has proved its position as a responsible corporate citizen committed to the social, economic and human resources development in Sharjah as well as its commitment to safeguard the environment in the Emirate.  BP continues to operate the ISO 14001 standard for the environment management.  In 2007 Tanmia, the UAE’s National Human Resource Development Authority acknowledged BP as having the highest rate of UAE national employees in Sharjah (36%).  BP is also one of two companies from the private sector in UAE, which received an award this month from the Ministers of Labour of the GCC countries as an appreciation for its leadership in employing nationals.” said Bill Jack, President and General Manager, BP Sharjah.

BP celebrated its quarter of a century of operations in Sharjah with a special celebration at the Al Nabooda Historical Museum in Sharjah on the 15th November, where representatives from the Government of Sharjah and other official figures attended. The event was also attended by BP Sharjah’s employees, some of whom have worked in BP since its establishment, in addition to BP’s business partners and senior management led by AbdulKarim Al Mazmi and Bill Jack.

AbdulKarim Al Mazmi commented on the celebration: “It was a very important day for us. We are extremely proud of the commitment and dedication which constitutes the pillars of our relations with the emirate of Sharjah over the last 25 years. We are grateful to the Government of Sharjah and the Sharjah Petroleum Council for their continuous work with us on a number of projects. Further, the event was an opportunity for BP to thank our partners for their cooperation, which contributed to the strong expansion of BP’s business.”
About BP:
BP is one of the world's largest companies with operations in more than 100 countries on six continents. The company’s main activities are oil & gas exploration and production, refining, marketing and supply & transportation. BP’s regional exploration and production operations are headquartered in Abu Dhabi, while Dubai serves as the hub for BP’s refining and marketing activities.  Visit www.bp.com/middleeast for more information.

About Air BP in Sharjah:
Sharjah also constitutes an important hub for Air BP since 1932 when BP started providing fuel to Imperial Airways, which provides transport services for passengers and mails from UK to India and Australia. Since then, Air BP’s role has grown in the aviation industry and it is currently the largest fuel supplier to Air Arabia- the region’s first low cost carrier. Air BP is a 49% partner in Sharjah Aviation Services Co (SASCO) which manages the fuel systems and Into-Plane services at Sharjah airport owned by the Government of Sharjah.


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