BPG hails ‘dubai declaration’ in the arduous fight against counterfeiting and piracy

Published May 25th, 2008 - 11:39 GMT

BPG hails ‘dubai declaration’ in the arduous fight against counterfeiting and piracy

Shteiwi calls for enhanced participation between the Private Sector, Customs and law enforcers to achieve the objectives of the new, multi-pronged strategy.

The Brand Owners Protection Group (BPG) today hailed the ‘Dubai Declaration’ which strongly advocates a multi-pronged approach to win the arduous fight against counterfeiting and piracy in the Middle East and world wide.

The Dubai Declaration, formulated by the Global Congress Steering Group as a follow-up to the fourth Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy that was held in Dubai February 3-5, 2008, has made 25 key recommendations on various aspects of the combat against counterfeiting and these include suggestions regarding the cooperation and coordination between customs, police and private sector; legislation and enforcement; capacity building; awareness raising; health and safety risks; free trade zones and transshipment countries and sale of counterfeit and pirated products over the Internet. 

Welcoming the recommendations of Dubai Declaration, Mr. Omar Shteiwi, Chairman of the BPG, and Regional Intellectual Property Advisor for Nestlé Middle East, today said that private sector should take the lead role to achieve the objectives of the new strategy as laid out in Dubai Declaration.

Mr. Shteiwi said:  “BPG, as the biggest organisation representing the private sector, would like to express its gratitude to the Global Congress steering group and Dubai Customs for charting out an accurate road map for the future of Intellectual Property in the UAE.”

“BPG, and the private sector, are eager to have an enhanced participation with customs authorities and law enforcers at all levels to combat the threat of counterfeiting and piracy.”

BPG observed that it is highly relevant that Dubai Declaration has urged World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)/ Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting & Piracy (BASCAP), International Trademark Association (INTA), national brand protection groups and IPR organisations to ceaselessly strive to educate government leaders and the public on the value of intellectual property in economic development and the need to introduce and maintain measures to reduce counterfeiting and piracy. This balance is a crucial pre-condition for controlling the expected sharp rise in counterfeit and pirated goods.

Explaining the onerous task that lies ahead Mr. Shteiwi added: “This is a long grind and this war against fakers who threaten the quality of our life has to be fought on many fronts. We have to exchange information across industry spectrums, raise awareness, educate the public and policy makers and put in more safe guards on platforms as varied as the Internet, transnational borders and consumer outlets.” 

BPG remains committed to participate more fully in developing and using existing tools to collect and share information to fight against counterfeiting and piracy. BPG aims to streamline cross-industry anti-counterfeiting-related associations to improve cooperation among all stake holders and with service provider organisations, as recommended in Dubai Declaration.

BPG considers the recommendation to convene a forum to identify a process for accelerating the integration of multi disciplinary Intellectual Property crime-related training to reduce redundancies, improve efficient use of resources and more fully leverage the collective strength of the organisations involved in training activities as a great step in the right direction.


The BPG has accelerated its drive against illegal trade and the support for IPR protection in 2008 through a series of activities that have included various training workshops, conferences, and awareness campaigns.

The BPG has total support and cooperation from the UAE government, which is demonstrating a relentless drive to root out counterfeit products and all forms of illegal trade in addition to becoming a beacon of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the region.

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