Brad And Jennifer's Wedding: Read All About It

Published August 22nd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Was Gwenyth Paltrow invited?, did the Hollywood royal couple get matching highlights for the ceremony?, and is there really talk of a baby?  

Tabloids this week, took on the various questions on Pitt and Aniston’s wedding and here goes the fun! 

E! Online's Ted Casablanca said that "when Jen and Brad have gouged every last one of their fans à la Barbara Streisand. That photo-bidding is just as tacky as having your guests sign confidentiality agreements, don't you think?" he also says "My sources have consistently told me that Gwyneth dumped Brad. I've never heard otherwise. And I believe it."  

Meanwhile, Gwyneth hints otherwise to Vanity Fair. 

She spilled her guts out to the magazine on how she felt being dumped by Brad, saying "It really changed my life. When we split up, something changed permanently in me. My heart sort of broke that day and it will never be the same." But she says she has no regrets, saying "...I would not change anything. Even the things I hate most about myself for what happened -- the darkest moment of it -- I wouldn't change. Because it has made me what I am."  

However, according to MSNBC the starlet was not invited to the wedding. 

The online news source says that that a friend of Pitt’s said that "Brad really, really hates Gwyneth. For a long time after they split, he forbid her name to be spoken around him and he wouldn’t even touch anything that she had touched." The insider added "It is inconceivable that [Brad] invited [Gwyneth to his wedding] and all this nonsense that he still cares for her is also untrue."  


Now what about the happy couple. 

Ealier this week, Star magazine reported that pregnancy was the talk of Jennifer and Brad's wedding, and that Aniston has already approached NBC about working a pregnancy into her Friend's character (Rachel) script. They report the two spent their 'honeymoon' at home locked away and not taking phone calls. A pal told the Star "Jen will make a great mom because she longs to shower a child with the love and understanding she feels she never got."  

And so it seems that what was a wedding of love has so far been a marriage of love. 

Interesting side note on those who attended the wedding, as the code word to get in was "pianist." The "pi" for "Pitt" and the "anist" for "Aniston."  


Reviews on the wedding vary. 

One tabloid reported a source close to a guest saying "A friend of mine went and said it was amazing. On an empty lot next door to the house, the house where the tent was set up, they built a structure that held all these Calvin Klein sofas with cashmere throws on them. They said they wanted people to just be able to hang out like they did at their house. There were about 150 guests, tops, and everyone partied their ass off."  

Furthermore, the big wedding was covered extensively on August 8th by the Enquirer, as they reported Jennifer Aniston nearly backed out of the wedding after being driven to tears. This is when Brad got the whole idea about banana milkshakes and pepperoni pizza, as Jennifer was put at ease when Brad sent the promissory letter as later it became part of their vows. Jennifer was escorted down the aisle by her father, but as we reported, mother wasn't invited. Jenn's maid of honor was Andrea Bendewald (Suddenly Susan) while Brad's best man was his brother Doug.  

The New York Daily News reports that Brad and Jennifer got matching blond highlights in their hair for their wedding, and for their vows Jennifer vowed to make Brad his banana milk shakes while Brad vowed to pay for half of the thermostat. 



Post wedding news reports that Brad and Jennifer made their first post wedding appearance in Los Angeles on Saturday night as the showbiz wing of the Democratic Party bid farewell to the Clinton presidency. Pitt told a reporter "I had been pushing for elopement, but the ceremony turned out to be extraordinary. It was the greatest night of my life." He also praised the media saying "I'm grateful to the media for the way they stayed back and let us get married. Especially during that last hour leading up to it. There was no buzzing of helicopters. I was very surprised and very grateful."  

The couple, according to are looking for a home in Montecito, just outside of Santa Barbara. They reportedly have a budget for a $10 million house.  


And that’s it for Jen and Brad this week… 

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