Breakthrough Mobile Search Directory Launched in UAE

Published October 28th, 2009 - 08:43 GMT

The march towards more sophisticated mobile marketing is gathering momentum globally. The latest is MoSearch, a service from MoSecure, a homegrown UAE based company. MoSearch is based on simple SMS text searching where a user simply keys in the company name with Emirates/location or other details he needs and sends the same by SMS to 6116. This reaches a sophisticated engine where engine software quickly sorts through literally millions of pages in its database to find matches to queries. Results are pushed back in less than a minute.

“Our USP will be ease of use and virtually every mobile phone handset in UAE is a virtual directory which means a brand or product is available to its customers 365 days a year in the palm of their hands. The marketing and communication opportunities that MoSearch opens up are mind-boggling, every industry vertical will have to adapt to mobile in some way. The message is very clear for brands: you either incorporate wireless media as part of your marketing campaign or be left out" says Rohan F. Britto, Founder of MoSecure.

MoSearch works on two levels: as a simple search directory where a customer can search for a specific company and obtain contact details and location. Alternatively, MoSearch can perform more complex searches, matching general enquires for a type of service, brand or product, with specified locations.

This offers users the ease of getting information required quickly, efficiently and cost-efficiently. The service is available 24/7, does not depend on human interface and costs AED 0.60 per search. For subscribers, MoSearch ensures that customers are not lost simply because they don't have their contact details. Any company in the UAE can register with MoSearch by subscribing to the service. A key feature of MoSearch is that it allows individual listing as well - individual subscribers can list their contact details and services.

There's a substantial audience of consumers using mobile phones to send text messages, share pictures, surf the web, download content and even watch TV. And this audience has shown an increasing willingness to engage with brand communications across these activities. Perhaps best of all, the medium is completely open and uncluttered because most brands are still trying to figure out how to plan campaigns in this burgeoning space.

“The challenge with the advertising industry - whether from the brands or agencies are fairly new to the medium in our region and they need a little help in figuring out how to create a valuable exchange with consumers over the mobile channel in the easiest way, which is exactly what we are here for,” says Adel Alamadi CEO, MoSecure.

MoSearch was introduced in the UAE after a careful study of the information needs of customers. “Of 121 individuals interviewed in the UAE, an overwhelming 73% said that they would definitely use the service. With nearly 9.5 million subscribers in the UAE, this is a large ratio of potential users. A massive PR & advertising campaign will be launched shortly in the UAE to inform customers about MoSearch and how to use it. The campaign will have exciting promotions that subscribers too can partner and benefit from,” said Ramesh Menon, CEO Brand Form, the sales and marketing agency for MoSearch.

Currently, early bird subscribers get three months extra free, with two free search words. Premium subscriptions, with more search word options will be launched shortly. Subscriptions can be applied for online at The MoSearch service will be available to consumers starting January 2010.

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