British Consul Complains Israeli Soldiers did not Intervene when Jewish Settlers Harassed him in Hebron

Published December 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Israel's foreign ministry has asked the military forces to look into a complaint filed by the British consul general in Jerusalem claiming that Israeli soldiers stood idly as his car was surrounded and stoned by Jewish settlers during a visit to the West Bank city of Hebron last week, reported The Jerusalem Post newspaper.  

Consul General Robin Kealy had been returning from a visit to British-sponsored projects in the Palestinian sector of Hebron last Tuesday, said the paper.  

When he reached the Halhul junction, a number of Jewish settlers apparently assaulted his car, blocked his way and some threw stones at it, a British official told the daily.  

"He was attacked by a number of Israelis, presumably from nearby settlements. A number of them threw stones at the car. It was an armored vehicle, but the rear window was damaged," said the British official.  

"There were soldiers in the vicinity, but they did not intervene, so the consulate informed the embassy and they raised it with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the official said.  

The official said that so far, the Israeli foreign ministry has not yet responded.  

"The British consulate was particularly incensed since the vehicle Kealy was traveling in was clearly marked with diplomatic license plates, and it was also flying a British flag," the official told the daily.  

The assault by the settlers did not stop even after they were informed that the passenger was the British consul general, the official said.  

"We look seriously at the incident because they knew it was a British car," said the British official -- 


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