British Defence Secretary Says U.S. Shouldn't Worry of UK Leaving EU

Published August 8th, 2018 - 07:48 GMT
Gavin Williamson is the new Defence Secretary. (AFP/ File)
Gavin Williamson is the new Defence Secretary. (AFP/ File)

Britain’s defense secretary said Tuesday that allies such as the U.S. should not worry about whether the UK will follow through on its defense commitments as it prepares to withdraw from the European Union.

“People still worry about Brexit and what role Britain will play in the world,” Gavin Williamson said while speaking at Washington, D.C.-based think tank the Atlantic Council.

“No one should worry. For while Britain is leaving the European Union, we are clear about our role and place in the world.

“Brexit is Britain’s moment -- Britain’s moment to look up, be more ambitious,” Williamson added.

He said the nation will still be a global force working towards international security post-Brexit.

“We have always been a tier one military power and we will always be a tier one military power,” he said, referring to nations regarded as having a full range of globally deployable military capabilities.

Williamson also said the UK will remain a global trading nation and that working with allies such as the U.S. and NATO is key to their strategy.

"The UK is the biggest offshore supplier to the U.S. military with the skills to meet a host of your requirements,” he said.

But he noted that the partnership between them and the United States would be a two-way street, with the UK purchasing over 50 types of equipment from the U.S., including Apache helicopters and an unmanned aircraft.

“We also agree with the United States’ national defense strategy that by working together with allies and partners, we amass the greatest possible strength for the long-term advancement of our interests,” he added.

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