British hostage John Cantile appears in Daesh propaganda video

Published March 19th, 2016 - 02:00 GMT
It has been a year since Daesh has featured Cantile in one of their videos. (Screenshot)
It has been a year since Daesh has featured Cantile in one of their videos. (Screenshot)

ISIS [Daesh] has released a new video featuring the imprisoned British journalist John Cantlie in Iraq.

Cantlie, who was kidnapped in November 2012, is shown berating the US-led coalition for bombing a media building in the ISIS-held city of Iraq.

It has been over a year since Cantlie appeared in a propaganda video showing life inside the Syrian province of Aleppo.

In the new video, Cantlie criticises the US-led coalition for bombing a building in the city of Mosul.

The journalist, who appears frail and malnourished, questions why the coalition carried out airstrikes on the corrugated iron structure, which he claims handed out pamphlets.

The British hostage is also shown near a a bombed out house, claiming that 'such attacks prove the failed strategy of the American bombing campaign'.

Cantlie, a freelance photojournalist, was captured alongside American journalist James Foley, by militants in northern Syria and later sold on to ISIS.

According to the testimony of several hostages who were released, Cantlie and the other prisoners were subjected to torture and appalling beatings.

He has previously appeared in a series of ISIS videos, titled 'Lend Me Your Ears' from a prison as well as several videos purportedly from Kobane, Aleppo and Mosul.

ISIS's news agency Al-Amaq published the video on social media, with the introduction claiming the video was filmed in Iraqi city of Mosul three days ago.

Previous videos featuring Cantlie have been released by al-Hayat media center, ISIS's main media branch, which is well known for its high quality, slick productions of jihadi videos.

This new video ends abruptly, shortly after the three minute mark, suggesting it may only be a section of a longer video.

Previous propaganda videos with John Cantlie have been around 12 minutes in length with good sound quality compared with the almost inaudible new footage.

By Ton Wyke

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