British Islamic Party Launches US Boycott

Published November 27th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Islamic Party of Britain, working in conjunction with the Gulf-based International Muslim Rights Forum (IMRF), launched a campaign Saturday called the ABC boycott, aiming at boycotting US products in the Islamic world, according to a press release e-mailed to 

In the group’s boycott alphabet, A refers to airlines (TWA), and apparel ( Levi/Wrangler), B is for Banking (Citibank), Beverages ( Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Maxwell House Coffee) B Baby Products ( Pampers),and Burger Restaurants (McDonalds), while C is for Cars (GM/Ford/Chrysler), Cosmetics (Revlon, Estee Lauder), Calling Cards (AT&T) and Cigarettes (Marlboro).  

The Islamic Party of Britain selected these US products and services because they have a high profile in the Islamic world where their sales account for nearly one third of the operating profits of these companies. The organizers commented that “the boycott will be spread throughout the Islamic world via an integrated marketing communications plan that will target as many Muslims as possible in both the eastern and western hemispheres.” 

In the press release Daud Pidcock, Head of the Islamic Party of Britain, the only registered Islamic political party in the UK, explained that his group had instigated the boycott because “ the people of the Islamic World at large will not remain silent in the face of Israel’s campaign of genocide against Palestinians, we shall no longer be silent as silence is tantamount to being accomplices to the murder being perpetrated by the State of Israel.” 

“The US has blindly supported Israel politically and militarily, turned a blind eye to war crimes committed by the Israeli army against the occupied civilian population in Palestine. The US House of Representatives voted in full support of Israel at the height of the recent human rights violations, while condemning Palestinian civilian attempts at self-defence. The US has also made every effort to hamper and obstruct any UN move to investigate Israeli war crimes or to condemn Israel for its barbaric murder of Palestinian children,” Pidcock added.  

The press release highlights IMRF’s view that “one billion Muslims are outraged by both Israel’s grotesque crimes against humanity as well as US condoning of Israeli policy.  

The Islamic world will demonstrate that the blood of Palestinian children and innocent civilians has a dear economic price for Israel and its backers.” 

Recently, an on-line petition by the IMRF demanding that the International Criminal Court launch a full war crimes investigation against Israel was submitted to the UN. The petition was signed by ten thousand world citizens including both Muslims, and non-Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs. 

“We ask the world,” continued Pidcock,” do you believe Palestinians are human beings? If the answer to this question is yes, then the faces of Israeli criminals should be exposed to the world and (be) put on trial for their crimes. Amnesty International’s preliminary investigation has already described Israel’s recent acts as war crimes. What more is the world waiting for?” 

Monal Seidan, Director of the IMRF explained in the press release that “ this campaign will not cease until the UN’s international criminal court, without hindrance from the USA, embarks upon the full pursuit of justice by bringing to trial the Israeli officers and soldiers responsible for the cold blooded and premeditated slaughter of Palestinian civilians. We are particularly concerned about the trained Israeli army snipers who are carrhing out a ‘shot to kill policy’ for both Palestinian children and civilians. 

Seidan explained that “if needs be, we will expand the list of US products to include further American economic interests, such as including the US dollar under the “D” category and we are confident that this campaign will be taken up wholeheartedly by the people of the Islamic world, some of whom have already begun their own local boycott of US goods. 


Hopefully long before the boycott alphabet reaches Z for zest ( the Internet site ) all the citizens of the world come to realize that “Palestinians are human beings” who deserve the freedom and human rights enshrined in the American Constitution - 












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