Bulgarian film director presents the history of Mesopotamia in HD

Published March 18th, 2010 - 09:51 GMT

5000 years ago, one clerk left messages for humanity on clay tablets which were found by a modern researcher (in the role is the writer of 2009 bestseller “Ink labyrinth” - Ludmila Filipova) in the library of the Sofia University.
That’s how begins the movie, which tells the rise of human civilization, trade and diplomacy of  Akkadians and  Sumerians, the true image of the goddess Ishtar - patroness of war and sex, but not motherhood.
In one of the scenes sounds the true language that Christ preached the word of God.
Frames are from ancient temples, fortresses, towns and oases in Syria, which hold artifacts made 5 thousands years ago.
The movie will be broadcasted there and it has already started the translation into Arabic, said Mohammed Najjar from Najjar Travel during Bulgarian Premiere on Saturday.

Tablets, which the clerk (Simeon Sulov) and the researcher keep in their hands are just like real. "But they are souvenirs purchased in the museum in Aleppo”. However the tablets astray the customer  officer at the border between Syria and Turkey. He let us go only after the arrival of expert to examine them, "said director Stiliyan Ivanov. "If only Bulgarian custom officers could work so,,,," added the cameraman Miroslav Evdosiev. Filming continued 16 days and some of the frames were made at 38-40 degrees in the desert.
The music sounds absolutely authentic, even though it is modern - written by a very young Georgi Strezov, sophomore in Bulgarian music conservatory. "We will invite the team and the producer Deyan Nedelchev for the second part of the movie that shows modern Syria", said diplomats from the Syrian Embassy in Bulgaria.

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