Bush Calls on Middle East to Have ‘Respectful’ Energy Policy

Published December 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

President-elect George W. Bush on Wednesday said his administration would work with US allies in the Middle East to develop a "respectful" energy policy. 

"(There will be a) strong diplomatic effort to work with our friends in the Middle East to have an energy policy that is respectful," Bush said after nominating Paul O'Neill as his Treasury Secretary. 

"There's no question that we are going to have to work with our friends and allies overseas," he said, adding that the quickest way to ease the tight oil market "would be to work with OPEC nations ... so they may be convinced to open up the spigots." 

Bush is to be sworn in as the United States' 43rd president on January 20, 2001 AUSTIN -- Texas (AFP)  




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