Canon Middle East launches two new Flash memory HD LEGRIA camcorders

Published September 23rd, 2009 - 06:25 GMT

Canon Middle East today extended its LEGRIA high-definition consumer camcorder range, adding two new flagship models with 64GB internal flash memory - enough for over 24 hours of continuous recording.
Both LEGRIA HF21 and HF S11 models offer a range of improvements over previous models, including an advanced Dynamic Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) system, an enhanced Video Snapshot mode and new low-light shooting capabilities. Both products capture to high capacity Flash memory, the most reliable method for recording. Flash memory based recording is faster, lighter and consumes less power than Hard-Disk drive based camcorders.  In addition, new accessories in the range offer extended shooting flexibility – expanding the camcorders’ capabilities and giving users the freedom to capture stunning HD video in any environment, even underwater with the WP-V1 waterproof case.
LEGRIA HF S11:  the ultimate HD camcorder for video enthusiasts

The new flagship in the range which includes the TIPA award-winning LEGRIA HF S10, the LEGRIA HF S11 HD camcorder combines pro-level features and functionality with Canon’s best ever HD camera system. The camcorder includes Dual Flash Memory recording, which lets users capture footage on the internal memory and on removable SDHC flash memory cards.  At 64GB, the HF S11 features the greatest amount of internal memory available in any current camcorder, enabling users to capture over 24 hours of video (LP mode).
To help users achieve the best video quality video, the LEGRIA HF S11 features Canon’s new Dynamic OIS, a feature that virtually eliminates camera-shake while filming wider shots like landscapes, large groups and panoramas. This feature allows active users to consistently achieve smooth footage, whether walking, climbing or just trying to follow the action.
The LEGRIA HF S11 delivers superb quality high-definition recordings thanks to its Canon HD camera system: a genuine Canon HD Video Lens (with 10x optical zoom), an 8 Megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV III image processor. The HD camera system delivers 1920x1080 Full HD video recordings at 24Mbps and up to 8.0MP still photos.  The option to use 25p progressive capture for making movies delivers a film-like quality and further improves low-light sensitivity.
Perfect for users with a passion for videography, the LEGRIA HF S11 offers a full range of shooting controls. These enable manual adjustment of focus, exposure and audio levels using the camcorder’s built in control dial.  In addition, the HF S11 includes Auto Gain Control limits – allowing users to fine-tune the camcorder’s gain in low-light – so the optimum balance between the low light detail and the darkness of night can be found.  Zebra patterns and Colour Peaking help to set up shots perfectly, whilst the Colour Bar/Test Tone generator will help pro-users set up their other equipment repeatably.
To give users maximum flexibility when filming, the HF S11 can be easily combined with a range of optional accessories, including the RA-V1 Remote Control Adapter which lets users shoot with a Canon or some 3rd party LANC-type units. Focus, zoom and recording can then be controlled remotely, which is ideal in situations where long zoom stability is needed – nature videography, for example - or when filming from remote sites with no user access.  The RA-V1 Remote Adapter works with Canon ZR-1000 and ZR-2000 LANC adapters (not supplied).


LEGRIA HF21:  the user-friendly HD camcorder for families

Joining the LEGRIA range - as the new flagship HD camcorder for families - is the new LEGRIA HF21, boasting 64GB internal flash memory in a pocket-sized and super stylish design.
Packed with intuitive features, the LEGRIA HF21 has been designed to make it easier than ever to produce stunning and creative videos. Canon’s Video Snapshot mode allows four-second clips to be captured with a single press of the record button, then easily arranged into a movie and set to music on the camera – the perfect way to put together films without needing to edit on a PC.  For the HF21 this has been enhanced to allow capture of four-second clips during movie playback as well as during live-shooting. The HF21 comes pre-loaded with five music tracks, but users have the option to upload their own song selections using the supplied Music Upload software.
The Face Detection feature can detect up to 35 faces in a frame, and controls all the technical settings automatically to ensure friends and family’s faces always appear clearly in the video.  It is even able to select a single face to track in crowded scenes.
Like the HF S11, the HF21 also features Canon’s new Dynamic OIS for shake free footage when filming on the move – whether walking, jogging or climbing.  Combined with Canon’s 15x optical zoom HD Video Lens, a 3.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV III image processor, the HF21 delivers outstandingly smooth HD quality video footage and striking, rich still images.
For shooting in low light conditions – such as at parties or evening events - Canon has introduced two new scene modes.  Night mode automatically reduces light levels so users can faithfully reproduce the darkness of night, whereas Low Light mode makes it easier to capture every detail even in fading light.  Whether using these scene selections or letting the camcorder take control in Dual Shot mode, users can always rely on the HF21 to capture outstanding HD footage.
The HF21’s 64GB flash memory is enough to rival many Hard Disk Drive camcorders for recording capacity, in a compact and stylish form.  The LEGRIA HF21 will record over 24 hours of HD footage (LP mode) while Canon’s Dual Flash Memory system allows for extended recording -  a feature that enables users to extend the recording time by adding an SDHC flash memory cards or share HD movies easily by copying from the internal memory to the SDHC card.
A range of optional accessories are available for the LEGRIA HF21 including the RA-V1 remote adapter and a high-performance waterproof case - the WP-V1.  The specially designed WP-V1 waterproof case has a class-leading watertight-depth of 40m, making it ideal for scuba-diving, snorkelling or other water-based activities. The WP-V1 case can also be used with the current LEGRIA HF20 and HF200 models.  All HF series camcorders offer an Underwater shooting mode that enables the camcorder to take natural looking footage at depth when used with the underwater case. When used in this mode the camcorder’s white balance is automatically adjusted to produce more natural-looking colours. The camcorder can then be switched back to Surface mode for seaside or poolside activity.

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