Capitol Hill on Lockdown as Man Rams Car Into Policemen

Published April 2nd, 2021 - 06:38 GMT
Capitol Hill at night
US House cancels session after police warn of possible militia plot Some conspiracy theorists claim Trump will be sworn in as president on March 6th Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 06:39 Updated: Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 06:47 A view of Capitol Hill during heightened security concerns over possible protests or violence. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski /AFP via Getty Images A view of Capitol Hill during heightened security concerns over possible protests or violence. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski /AFP via Getty Images

The US Capitol is in lockdown after a suspect mowed down and stabbed two cops on Friday afternoon, leaving them in critical condition, before being shot dead.  

The suspect has not been named but he is in custody. He was seen being stretchered away from the scene by two other Capitol cops performing CPR on him but has now been pronounced dead. 

At around 1.10pm, he drove into the barrier, smashing the two cops, before emerging from his blue sedan with a knife. Another cop shot him.   

The two injured cops remain in the hospital in critical condition. 

The attack sparked panic in the Capitol, which is still reeling from the January 6 riot. Armed National Guardsmen were deployed immediately and have been seen patrolling the halls of government buildings. 

Text messages were sent out to workers, telling them to stay away from windows.   

No information about the suspect has emerged yet. 

In a statement, the Capitol Police said: 'USCP is responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Independence Avenue for reports someone rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers. 

'A suspect is in custody. Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital.' 

It comes only a few months after hundreds of rioters stormed the Capitol, outnumbering the police force, on January 6.

Neither the House or Senate is in session this week so lawmakers are back in their home states instead of being in the Capitol building.

The White House did not appear to have an immediate change in security posture in response to the situation at the Capitol. President Joe Biden had left to spend Easter at Camp David shortly before the incident occurred.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said there is a member of the national security team, an acting chief of staff and a member of the press team traveling with him, as is standard operating procedure.

Traveling with Biden this weekend are Bruce Reed, Assistant to the President & Deputy Chief of Staff Yohannes Abraham, Chief of Staff & Executive Secretary for the National Security Council; Anthony Bernal, Assistant to the President & Advisor to the First Lady; and Stephen Goepfert, Special Assistant to the President & Personal Aide to the President. 



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