Carmen Libs: ‘Apple of my Eye’ is My Golden Chance

Published October 14th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese actress Carmen Libs has described her latest starring role in the Egyptian movie Aziz Eini (Apple of my Eye) as the golden chance she has been waiting for, reported Al Ittihad newspaper. 

In an interview with the Egyptian daily, Libs said “my role in the movie is a golden opportunity that will never come back again. My role would mark the first ever starring Lebanese role in an Egyptian movie and the first time an Egyptian film makes mention of the Lebanese war.” 

As for acting alongside her costar, legendary Egyptian actress Najla’a Fathi, Libs said “the fact that Najla’a Fathi chose me for the role is an honor I will cherish forever, especially since Najla’a had said that she was looking for a talented actress and chose me!” 

“I really enjoyed acting with her and became even more of a fan when I met her personally. She is a fun woman, kind and modest,” she added. 

Meanwhile, the actress, who also gave her opinion about the film said “the movie was written by the journalist Sharif AL Shubashi, who is also the head of Al Ahram newspaper in Paris. The film is objective,” she added. 

The story revolves around an Egyptian woman who looses her son after an explosion in downtown Beirut, where she was on vacation. 

The mother dedicates the rest of her life to finding the child; but decides to leave when the Lebanese major war breaks out. 

Fifteen years later, when the war in Lebanon ends, the Egyptian mother gets a phone call informing her that her son had been found. She travels back to the destroyed country, only to find that her son was being raised by another woman, a Lebanese, who now wants to fight for her right to continue raising her ‘son.’ 

“My role in the movie is the second half of the conflict. Najla’a is the mother who gave birth, and I am the mother who raised the child,” explained Libs. 

The movie takes on the question: Who is the mother, the one who gives birth, or the one who raises the child? – 

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