Carthage Festival Hosts 12 Countries

Published October 17th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Twelve different countries are scheduled to participate in this year’s 18th Carthage Film Festival, bringing with them more than 180 films, reported AFP. 

The festival, starting on the 20th of October 2000, will continue for eight days. 

According to AFP, the Arab countries participating in this year’s activities are Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Syria. African countries that have entered include the Cameroons, Benin, Gabon, Mali, Chad and Zimbabwe. 

Meanwhile, Ahmad Koroma, an author from the Ivory Coast, heads the festival’s judicial committee. 

Members of the committee include Egyptian director Inas Al Daghidi, Ghanian actress Mariam Kaba, French actress Fabien Bab, Tunisian producer Ahmad Baha’aeddine Attiah, Senegalian musician Wasis Dyoub and Algerian director Borlam Qardijo, who won the Golden Taneet Award for his film Al Aish Fil Jannah (Living In Paradise) in last year’s events. 

This year’s festivities also include the ‘Panorama’ event, which entails the showing of 12 long films from the Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. All the film’s were produced in 1999 and 2000. 

In the ‘International Section’, 24 long and short movies will be presented, including the Dutch film Dancer In The Dark, which won the 1999 Cannes Film Festival’s ‘Palmmes D’or’ Award. 

The festival is also scheduled to honor Egyptian musicals, through the showing of six old films, including Gharam Wantiqam (Passion And Revenge), directed by Youssef Wihbe, Ghazl El Banat (Cotton Candy), directed by Anwar Wajdi, Inta Habibi (You Are My Love), directed by Youssef Shahine, Nasheed El Amal (Anthem Of Hope), Dananeer (name) and Intisar El Shabab (The Victory of Youth), directed by Ahmad Badrakhan. – 

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