Celine Dion Overcome With Emotion Over Pregnancy

Published June 22nd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

CELINE DION burst into tears when doctors told her she was pregnant 

and her husband soon joined her in the sobbing. 

Gynecologist DR RONALD ACKERMAN, who drove to Dion's luxurious 

Florida mansion to break the news to the pop superstar in person, 

says her reaction was one of the most wonderful moments he's ever 

witnessed as a doctor. 

He said, “I've delivered thousands of babies and seen parents in 

incredible emotional states. This ranks in the Top 10 most 

incredible moments I've ever seen." 

Ackerman broke the news jointly with DR ZAK ROSENWAKS, the New 

York fertility specialist who had completed Dion's fertility 

treatment just 11 days earlier. 

With Rosenwaks on speakerphone and Ackerman in the room, he says 

the only other people present were Dion's elder sister LINDA and 

her husband RENE. 

Immediately after hearing the news, Dion lost no time in 

getting on the phone to her parents and 13 older siblings to share 

the good tidings. 

But the MY HEART WILL GO ON singer says what's still most 

important is that Angeli's been given a clean bill of health by 

doctors after his battle with cancer last year. 

She says, "For me, this is what counts most”--WENN  







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