Changing Aviation Climate Requires Consultative Brokers

Published December 21st, 2009 - 03:55 GMT

Aircraft leasing has always been an industry that relies on building
sound relationships and ensuring high levels in industry knowledge. With the
changing aviation market, constant monitoring of who is doing what in the
market and where the next requirement is going to appear is an essential part
of a broker's job.


    Air Charter International has just these types of brokers, or as they
like to call them "Aviation Consultants", constantly thinking about the next
opportunity and scouring the press and industry sources for any clue or
insight into the complex and highly invigorating wet lease market.


    Aircraft Brokerage companies have for a long time relied on a large
number of enquiries coming to them from all over the globe, with the only
task of having to find the aircraft to match the enquiry. Now the tables have
turned and aircraft are abundantly available with the enquiries not nearly as
prolific. The solution is aggressive and targeted account management,
ensuring that all regions and industries are covered, from Aisa, Africa and
the Middle East to start up airlines, low cost carriers, AOG situations,
additional capacity, maintenance replacements and the Oil and Gas Industry.


    Companies such as Air Charter International have refocused their efforts
and are pitching themselves as an entire solutions provider, consulting and
advising clients with regards to the best solutions in terms of block hour
price, fuel burn, passenger load and all other operational requirements.


    Air Charter International's CEO, Mr Stuart Wheeler stated; "Wet lease
experts are hard to come by and at ACI we believe that 15 years of industry
experience makes us one of the authorities in this market and we can
therefore provide valuable resource and information to all our prospective

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