China Reports First Human Death From Monkey B Virus

Published July 19th, 2021 - 08:26 GMT
first death from a Monkey B related cases reported in China.
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The first death from a Monkey B related cases reported in China.

Chinese authorities announced the death of a Beijing-based veterinarian who the first be diagnosed with Monkey B virus (BV).

The 53-year-old vet was China's first human infection case rising so many concerns that the virus might turn into a new pandemic rapidly such as the novel Coronavirus.

The Chinese man believed to suffer early-onset symptoms of nausea and vomiting a month after he dissected two dead monkeys in early March.

The man has not infected any member of his family as they were safe from the Monkey B virus.

B-virus, Herpesvirus simiae, or Herpes virus B is the Simplexvirus infecting macaque monkeys. It is very similar to HSV-1 and as such this neurotropic virus is not found in the blood.

In the natural host, the virus exhibits pathogenesis similar to that of cold sores in humans. 

Till last year, 50 cases of human B virus infection were reported since the identification of the virus in 1932, 21 of which led to death.

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