China responds to the murder of national by Daesh

Published November 19th, 2015 - 04:30 GMT

China has condemned the murder of one of its nationals in Syria by Daesh, with President Xi Jinping expressing deep sympathy to the victim's family during a meeting of world leaders in the Philippines.

State news agency Xinhua reported that the country's foreign ministry expressed deep condolences Thursday to the family of the man who was “cruelly killed”.

"Terrorism is the common enemy of human beings," Xi added on the sidelines of the 23rd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' meeting in the Philippines capital city.

“China condemns all types of terrorism and will fight against any violent terrorism attacks that challenge human civilisation.”

On Wednesday, Daesh claimed in its online propaganda magazine, "Dabiq", that it had killed Fan Jinghui along with Norwegian captive Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad after earlier demanding ransoms for the two.

The group published graphic pictures of what it said were the bodies of the two men next to photos of them alive and blindfolded.

"To whom it may concern from the crusaders, pagans and their allies, as well as to those referred to as human ‘rights’ organizations, these prisoners were abandoned by their government, which did not do its utmost to purchase their freedoms,” reads an accompanying message.

Across the center of the image, a caption reads: "Executed after being abandoned by the Kafir [disbeliever] nations and organizations."

The magazine had earlier announced the duo's capture.

On Thursday, Xinhua reported China's ministry of foreign affairs as confirming the identity of its national, who it said Daesh had put “up for sale".

Spokesman Hong Lei said the government had tried to save Fan, but “the terrorism group ignored human conscience and morals.”

“The Chinese government will do all it can to bring the killers to justice,” he underlined. “We will continue working with the international community on counterterrorism in pursuit of maintaining world peace.”

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