Chinese Department Store Withdraws ‘Hitler’ Drinking Glasses

Published November 29th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A Beijing department store has caused a stir with a sale of drinking glasses sporting the name "Hitler" in Chinese and has agreed to withdraw the products, state media said on Wedneday. 

The Hualian Department Store in the western part of the capital said it had removed the cups after determining they were inappropriate, the Beijing Morning Post reported. 

The glasses were inscribed with the characters "Xi Te Le," the usual transliteration of the German dictator's name in Chinese, according to the paper, which was alerted to the product by an enraged reader. 

An official with the Trademarks Office of the Beijing Industry and Commerce Administration told the paper the products are illegal according to Chinese law. 

The Trademark Law stipulates that trademarks cannot be used if they either hurt public morals or otherwise have a harmful influence, he said. 

Businesses in Asia have occasionally used Hitler and Nazi symbols to attract customers in the past, often hurting western feelings. 

Earlier this fall, a Filipino telecommunications firm came under criticism for an advertisement showing a picture of a Hitler look-alike holding one of its phones, praising it as "the final solution." 

The telecommunications firm condemned the ad itself and said it had originated with one of its distributors, according to Philippine newspapers. 

In the mid-1990s an establishment in the outskirts of Taiwan's largest city Taipei called itself "Nazi Pub," soliciting customers with a huge stone swastika on the pavement in front of the entrance -- BEIJING (AFP)  




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