Cimatron to Showcase its New Machine Simulator at CMTS, Toronto

Published October 19th, 2009 - 01:56 GMT

Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a leading provider of integrated CAD/CAM
solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete
parts, announced that it will exhibit the latest version of CimatronE at the
Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show.


    At the show, Cimatron will display its new machine simulator and
emphasize enhancements to NC programming capabilities, many of which cater to
the specific machining requirements of toolmakers. These enhancements are
included in the recently released CimatronE version 9.0, which contains a
wide range of improved functions and new capabilities, upgrading the
manufacturing process from quoting to delivery.


    CimatronE 9.0 provides a new machine simulator, using a more advanced
method to accurately and reliably verify the machining process. The simulator
displays material removal within the machine environment for both 3-Axis and
5-Axis machines.


    CimatronE 9.0 will also provide NC programmers with increased machining
efficiency, better surface quality and improved performance. Version 9.0 also
includes a Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) display.


    Machining efficiency is increased at every level. Roughing is now more
efficient because of greater awareness of remaining stock. This eliminates
air cutting, ensures greater safety in the machining process and extends
machine life and tool life. Multi-axis roughing is now more effective due to
automatic transformation of the stock, saving time during roughing and at
later stages. The multi-Axis Automated Drill now includes full stock
recognition to speed up the drilling process and save time.


    New programming functions facilitate a higher surface quality. Finishing
functions include features that increase accuracy and smoothness. Among these
is a new "Cleanup - All Along" strategy which enables users to machine the
area left by the previous cutter with long, uninterrupted tool passes. The
new version also includes enhancements to maintain the sharpness of external
and embedded edges.


    Version 9.0 of CimatronE provides dedicated functions needed to
accomplish better manufacturing in a broader range of industries, including
the medical and dental industries, as well as the aerospace and other high
precision industries. Enhancements include further adaption of the interface
to work with STL free form files and improvements in high speed machining and
micro milling capabilities. Enhancements for 5-Axis tilting include new
machining strategies to significantly speed up the calculation process.


    The new version of CimatronE offers higher performance. Calculation times
have been reduced in most areas and performance of the software in general
has improved, with full support of dual core and quad core processors.


    Version 9.0 allows manufacturers to store Product Manufacturing
Information (PMI); annotations and notes are passed on through the different
stages of the project from design to the shop floor. Product Manufacturing
Information is also transferable to and from other standard CAD systems.


    "We are excited to showcase the newest version of CimatronE at the
Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show" said Bill Gibbs, President of
Cimatron Technologies Inc. "While the manufacturing industry continues to
feel the strain of the current economic crisis, we hope that technology can
lend a hand. The new version of CimatronE is equipped with the capabilities
necessary to lower costs, eliminate wasted time and increase productivity."


    In addition to NC programming related updates, CimatronE 9.0 also offers
enhancements including a new quoting application for die makers, new
automation for tool design and electrode design as well as enhancements for
5-Axis manufacturing of discrete parts.


    The CimatronE solutions will be presented at booth 25005, October 19-22,
2009 at the Direct Energy Center, Toronto, Ontario. For information and
registration, visit

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