Cinema Director Saied Hamid begins the preparations for the international film "The Road to Darfur"

Published October 29th, 2009 - 08:17 GMT

The Cinema Director Saied Hamid Began the preparations for his new film (the road to Darfur), who co-produced by the UAE Ambassador and businessman Sulaiman Al Fahim, Chairman of Portsmouth FC, and by "Spot Film Productions" company with a budget of up to ten million USD, and with the participation of Egyptian, Sudanese and Frenchmen Stars.

The story of the film's talks about a young driver and his friend, they travel in a huge truck loaded with goods and food to the people of Darfur and sent by a businessman from "SAEED – region in south Egypt -". A human journey destined for the western Sudanese region which described by the news as a humanitarian catastrophe to save the people. The obstacles begin to raise from the first moment of travel to the south of Egypt, and the trip becomes more complexity on the borders of north of Sudan, by emergence of strange characters in the way of the truck, starting with two foreigners asked the driver and his friend to take them to Darfur, then we will know that the two foreigner are members in one of the organizations, and they request from the driver to use sophisticated equipment to eavesdrop, and here they begin bargaining and threats. Then they stopped by some agents who request from the driver to do many things, this is will give you a feeling that the road to Darfur is full of mines.

Over the journey from Upper Egypt to the edge of Darfur, widening at the last point separates the Kordofan Province of Darfur, there are many difficulties and more attitudes, some of them comedy and satire, and some of them human. Then the driver and his friend see Darfur as it is - paradise on Earth - simple people, one religion, they might have major problems and the hassle of killing, but in the end there is always a chance for coexistence.

"The Road to Darfur" is a thorny cinematic journey, aims to shed light on the effects of war on the people of Darfur through the real stories of the region and through the suffering experienced by some people as a result of movement between the camps, and the damage that occurred to them after the demolition of their homes, and to clarify the true picture of Darfur away from the distorted image highlighted in Western media", Saied Hamid said.

We would use the highest technology in the film industry, and will make two copies of the film, one in Arabic and one in English, in addition to show the film all over the world, and participating in the international festivals such as other films, he added.

About the purpose of support and participation in the production of the film, the ambassador and the UAE businessman Sulaiman Al Fahim said: "this film is very important because we all need to be involved in supporting the issues of Darfur and helping its people, it also comes in the context of my belief in the importance of supporting innovative ideas for the creators who have managed to add a lot to Arab cinema, such as the director Saied Hamid, he is one of those who participated actively in the productivity boom that is currently taking place in the Egyptian cinema".

Hamid had traveled to Sudan several times in the last period to inspect work places and obtaining the necessary permits.

The latest movies of Saeed Hamid were "Tabbakh Al Rayyes (The president Chef)", starring of Talaat Zakaria, Khaled Zaki, and "Ala Ganb Yasta (Stop driver, let me get down)", starring of Ashraf Abdel-Bakki and Rojina. On TV, in last Ramadan he presented the series of "Hanim Bent Basha", starring of Hanan Turk.

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