Cippe2010 carries out promotion campaign in Dubai

Published November 24th, 2009 - 12:36 GMT
The Middle East, a gigantic "oil tank" of the world, holds 80 percent of the world’s developable oil reserves. With the conclusion of the Iraq War, a huge market for oil and gas equipment was created due to the post-war oilfield reconstruction.
The UAE, as a major oil producer and exporter, has crude oil reserves amounting to nearly 100 billion barrels. At the current exporting rate, it can maintain oil production for over 100 years (that is, 2 million barrels per day). In addition, the UAE has confirmed that its gas reserves have exceeded 180 tcf, while it continues to develop mining and exporting facilities. The UAE has seen millions of dollars invested into the expansion of onshore and offshore oil and gas mining and refining capacities, the introduction of new maintenance and advancement projects, the construction of hundreds of miles of new pipelines and measurement systems, the expansion of refining and storage capacities, the construction of new oil plants, as well as the introduction of ecological restoration technologies.
cippe in its 10th year will better fulfill your expectations.
cippe, in its 10th year of development, has been steadily enhancing its professional capabilities and global reach. cippe 2009 welcomed delegates from 12 countries and regions including the US, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan and Korea, as well as nearly 1,100 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions. Meanwhile, a significant number of domestic exhibitors have determined to expand their exhibition areas in 2010. Tianhe Petroleum Group, for example, has ordered an area of 350 square meters to ensure maximum publicity through the cippe platform.
cippe 2010 will employ 5 exhibition halls with a total area of 65,000 square meters. cippe has received successive orders for very large exhibition areas only shortly after application became available. Most of cippe's existing clients have posted requests for larger exhibition areas, and cippe 2010 has to employ an additional exhibition hall to meet the client's demand. The debut presence of the UK delegate at cippe 2010 is also much expected.
cippe's global promotion campaign hits Dubai.
Oil and Gas Show (OGS) is the largest and longest professional exhibition in Middle East. OGS2009 was held in Dubai between October 27 and 29, and cippe apparently could not afford to miss this gathering of industry leaders. The organizing committee of cippe sent representatives to OGS2009 to promote cippe2010 with the aim of informing more industry players of its updates. In addition, as the cippe organizing committee plans to further expand its presence in Middle East, it also aimed to seek for opportunities for further cooperation with more oil enterprises in the region.
cippe has traveled around the globe attending many world-class oil events, and with the advancement of its international communication, has attracted increased attention from Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders who wish to expand their presence in China. It is believed that cippe2010 will turn out to be the most remarkable event of the Asian oil industry.
Cippe2010 will take place at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing between March 22 and 24, 2010.

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