Clashes re-Erupt in South Syria between Bedouins, Farmers

Published November 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Nabil Al-Mulhem 



Clashes flared Monday between peasants and Bedouins in Suwaydaa governorate in south Syria, during which one of the peasants, Ismael Fahed, was killed while he was working in his field located in Dahr el-Jabal area. 

Eyewitnesses told that a group of Bedouins also killed another peasant who was on his way to his farm, adding that the attackers managed to flee the scene after the murder.  

17 peasants and three Bedouins were killed on November 6 during fierce clashes that broke when Bedouins brought their flocks onto planted fields.  

The Syrian army interfered to put an end to the violence and deployed forces in the area, forcing Bedouins to move to areas near to Deraa governorate.  

In the meantime, unionists issued several statements blaming the authorities for failing to solve the dispute between peasants and Bedouins. 

The statement, issued by four unions, called on the authorities to disarm the Bedouins and mark out areas designated for them. 






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