Collusion between Obama, Congress, and Justices, Keeps Boeing/Ford/Air India Combined Appeal Case

Published October 14th, 2009 - 09:41 GMT

Collusion between the companies Boeing, Ford, and Air India, and officials in the highest levels of United States Government, has prevented a combined appeal case against the three companies from being docketed in the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Justices, the Obama Administration, Congress, and the companies Boeing, Ford, and Air India, all have a huge stake in keeping the case from being heard in open court and from the public domain. 


Civil claims for damages against the companies Boeing, Ford, and Air India, stem from their role in two abortive kidnap and murder attempts upon a prime witness to crimes committed by US Government Officials. The murder plot, which originated in the US Supreme Court in case no. 05-140 (a case against President George W. Bush), was intended to prevent testimony in the Supreme Court on those crimes.  Boeing, Ford, and Air India officials played a significant role in the malicious retaliation against President Bush’s opposing litigant.  


Numerous officials of both the Bush and Obama Administrations, and Congress, are implicated in the illegal cover up of the murder plot.  They entail some 14,000-plus people, including: police officers, who simply refused to investigate; prosecutors who refused to prosecute; judges, who summarily and illegally dismissed all court cases against the conspirators; government executives, who failed to take care of the faithful execution of the laws; and legislators, who failed to oversee the enforcement, administration, and execution of the laws.


As a consequence, the extensive seditious conspiracy* has escalated into a full-blown insurrection** against the laws of the United States - with intent to prevent, hinder, and delay, the execution of the laws by way of murdering a witness.  The dire repercussion of this lawlessness is that those officials caught up may, by law, not hold any position under the United States**.  Those officials include President Obama, the Supreme Court Justices, and Congressmen, which implies that the United States has an illegitimate Federal Government – by the dictates of its own Constitution and laws.


Accordingly, State Governments have been approached to address the widespread criminal conspiracy within the United States federal government and the courts, and to restore law and order and public trust.  It remains to be seen whether state government officials - who have all sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic - will in reality tackle federal officials concerning this untenable situation, or whether they will join forces with them in the illegal cover up of official misconduct. 

Meanwhile, the combined appeal case in the United States Supreme Court against the companies Boeing, Ford, and Air India, awaits a judge who will provide due process of law and who will in fact live up to his or her oath to “administer justice without respect to persons and do equal right to the poor and to the rich”; a judge who will “faithfully and impartially discharge the duties incumbent upon them under the Constitution and laws of the United States”.   Those sworn commitments include dealing with the deluge of crimes committed by Boeing, Ford, and Air India officials acting in concert with US  Government Officials in this well documented case of ‘state-supported tyranny upon the American populace’.

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