Congress Party: Houthis Sought to Discredit Late President and Eliminate Him

Published April 10th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh (AFP/File Photo)
Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh (AFP/File Photo)

Legal and General People’s Congress party sources in Sana’a revealed on Monday that Houthi militias prepared files to trial late Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his relatives in court, as a means to justify his killing and repression against hundreds of his supporters.

The sources said Houthis would use the trial to exert pressure on Saleh’s relatives and to blackmail leaderships from his General People's Congress Party.

“Rebel militias who control the intelligence apparatus in Sana’a, already prepared files to trial Saleh and his relatives based on accusations of high treason and conspiring with the Arab Coalition,” the sources said on Monday.

The sources uncovered that rebel militias already transferred those files to one of their controlled-tribunals, specialized in the affairs of state security and terrorism.

Their move came as a prelude for kicking off the sham trial of Saleh and his relatives and for launching investigations with GPC’s hostages, including the former president’s sons, Salah and Maydan.



Houthis attempted to reconcile with followers of the former President as a means to attract military officials capable of supporting the militias at the Yemeni fronts, following fears of the recent field advancements of Coalition-backed Yemeni army in Saada, the stronghold of their leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Backed by the coalition, Yemeni army forces lately raided the coup by opening a new front in Dhaher, west of Saada, and took control over the Camp in al-Malahiz district, following heavy artillery and missile shelling to clear the surrounding mountains, including nearby Marran mountains.

The Yemeni law penalizes with the death penalty a suspect evidenced of treason and of conspiring with foreign states.

Observers believe that Houthis would use those accusations against Saleh, their one-time ally, to justify his killing last December.


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