Controversial Iron Lady Sanae Takaichi Vows to Become Japan's Next Premier

Published September 8th, 2021 - 07:26 GMT
Japan's next 'Iron Lady' Sanae Takaichi
Japan's next 'Iron Lady' Sanae Takaichi (AFP File Folder)

ALBAWABA – Sanae Takaichi wants to become Japan’s first prime minister, news that is all over the social media.

She at 60 years-old  is already set to contest the leadership race for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on 29 September.

Prime Minister Yoshida Suga announced last week he would be stepping down as leaving the Japanese political arena widely open. She has lots of ambition, wants to strengthen Japan's military capabilities and wants to become Tokyo's next "Iron Lady"

Takaichi is a conservative and held two cabinet portfolios – communications and internal affairs - under Shinzo Abe who lead the party and long-served as Japan’s prime minister.


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