Courtney Love Posts More Than 50 Free MP3s

Published July 3rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Courtney Love is giving away Hole’s music, according to ABC Online.  

Love and the rest of Hole have posted more than 50 free, downloadable MP3 files at their official Web site ( Most of the offerings are live recordings taken from radio sessions or concerts, although a version of "Asking For It," featuring Love's deceased husband, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, on vocals and guitar, has been generating a lot of interest.  

"Since I've basically been giving my music away for free under the old system, I'm not afraid of wireless, MP3 files, or any of the other threats to my copyrights. Anything that makes my music more available to more people is great," Love said in her May 16 presentation at the Digital Hollywood online entertainment conference in New York City.  

"Record companies are terrified of anything that challenges their control of distribution," she charged.  

"This is the business that insisted that CDs be sold in incredibly wasteful 6-by-12-inch boxes just because no one thought you could change the bins in a record store."  

Love has talked publicly in recent months about parting ways with Hole's label, Geffen Records, which is part of the Universal Music Group. On January 19, Universal filed suit against Love and Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson claiming that the band still owes Geffen five albums under a contract signed in 1992.  

ABC Online reported that the complaint, which seeks unspecified damages and an injunction to bar Hole from recording anywhere else, alleges that Doll Head Inc., which owns the exclusive recording services of Love and Erlandson, has abandoned its contract with Geffen, citing a California labor law that limits personal service contracts to seven years.  

The free songs available at the Hole site include cover versions of the Beatles ("Dear Prudence"), Fleetwood Mac’s ("Gold Dust Woman"), Guns N' Roses ("Paradise City"), and others— 

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