CRYSTALLIZED™ celebrates interiors at IFI World Congress

Published November 22nd, 2009 - 02:50 GMT

CRYSTALLIZED™ is pleased to announce its co-sponsorship of the World Design Congress. This glittering event will have as its theme for 2009 ‘Celebrate Interior Design’. Hosted by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and attended by the élite of the interior design world, as well as institutions and colleges across 45 countries, it takes place on 9-11 November at the Grand Hyatt, Garhoud, Dubai.
Today, the name CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements epitomises precision craftsmanship, innovation, high aesthetic and the quest for perfection. Crystal’s unique ability to refract light and emit a shimmering luminosity has long been a catalyst for creativity. Having inspired generations of designers from the fashion world, crystal elements are now sparking scintillating new works in the fields of interior, lighting and architectural design across the globe.
To mark the congress in Dubai, Nadja Swarovski, Vice President of International Communications, will address delegates on ‘Creative Cross Pollination: Fashion & Interior Design’, where she explores the potential power of collaboration between the two disciplines. Speaking alongside her will be many other influential names from the design pantheon, including Piero Lissoni (Italy), Ross Lovegrove (UK), Naoki Iijima (Japan) and Sebastian Conran (UK).
As well as being represented on the podium, CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements also has a booth situated at the entrance to the Grand Hyatt’s Al Ameera Ballroom. Here it will show examples of recent innovations, application techniques and material combinations that demonstrate the transformative effect of crystal on interior design. Guests at the exhibition will be able to see for themselves samples of how crystals can be applied to leather or combined together with materials like glass, plexi and aluminum. In addition they will be able to discover how the new Crystal Gloss sealing technique creates new and unexpected possibilities to combine a range of materials with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements creating a great source of inspiration for architects, product designers and interior designers.
Honeycomb – a latticework of light
Chief among Swarovski’s dazzling exhibits, making its Middle Eastern début, is Honeycomb. This extraordinary material consists of a sparkling latticework of light that delivers spectacular spatial, visual and crystal effects. Its vast palette of crystal colours, cuts and sizes opens up an unlimited variety of design combinations that can be commissioned to individual requirements. Ideal for walls and ceilings or as room dividers for large spaces, Honeycomb can be expanded to suit rooms of any scale simply by adding extra modules.
CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements is delighted at the prospect of revealing some of the revolutionary design possibilities afforded by crystal, and welcomes this opportunity to deepen its partnership with interior designers throughout the world.

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