Daesh and Islamic extremists rejoice at death of Saudi king

Published January 23rd, 2015 - 06:16 GMT

Islamic fundamentalists and those who support them took to social media to celebrate the death of the late Saudi King Abdullah on Friday, the Associated Press has reported.

Much of the criticism was directed towards his relationship the the US. He was described as a “servant” of the Americans who conspired with the West to wage war against Muslims.

King Abdullah died early on Friday morning at the age of 90. He had been in power since 2006 and had been trying to combat Al-Qaeda militants since then. Islamic extremists had also launched attacks in the country and had hoped to topple his reign. Saudi officials clamped down on suspected extremists, even sentencing some to death.

A man who identifies himself as Daesh supporter who goes by the name Abu Azzam al-Najdi criticized the late king on Twitter, saying: "He sent his warplanes to kill Muslims in (Syria). He imprisoned Muslim men and women and wherever there was a war against jihadis, he was the first."

A hashtag was also used by those supportive to Al-Qaida and Daesh that translates from Arabic into "Death of a Tyrant."

Fundamentalist groups have used social media as a channel to recruit members and also as a forum to promote progaganda views.

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